Monday, April 26, 2010


Meeting Drive was my mom's first experience with a greyhound. I packed him into the car and drove to her house. He had only been with me a week or two, but my mother loved dogs so much and I wanted to show off my big new baby. There were two things about him that surprised her.

One, his fur is soft as bunnies. Bunnies who use conditioner, even. He is precious to touch. (When he's clean.)

And two, well.. Trailing his leash through her house, he managed to step on it with one back paw. We watched as he stopped short with a confused little yelp. If he moved his foot, his neck got pulled on, and if he tried to move forward his foot got yanked! He was incredibly distressed by the whole thing, and began crying in earnest after several minutes of being trapped, unable to figure out he just needed to lift his foot. I had to help him.

Not an intellectual.


  1. The fact that he's not an Einstein is only one of the many reasons so many of us are in love with him. And, now, Stoopit Lani, too.

  2. I would never fall for such an embarrassing trick! I do hope that things are better now. Drive, you've gotta just go with the flow!