Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please help. You can make a difference.

Five years post-retirement, this is what Drive's muscles look like. He does pretty well, for a spoiled boy who loves food and remains horizontal as much as possible. That's a greyhound "secret," that ability to sleep for 30 hours a day.

A friend once remarked to me, "I never knew dogs could have buttocks."

I need you to think about something else this morning, something aside from the glorious lump that is Drive. Drive is safe and loved, as are so many retirees and rescues all over the country. But there are some dogs that aren't safe, aren't loved. There are some greyhounds that were recently saved from unthinkable circumstances in Texas, and I need you to help them.

I am squeamish. I don't advertise that fact, being tough and whatnot, but I do not have the ability to look at graphic photographs of abused animals, so I will post none here. I will not link to any, either, in case you are the same. These dogs were starving, terribly ill, and infested with thousands of parasites, inside and out. One dog received an emergency transfusion while over 1,500 ticks were removed from his body.

“Fort Worth Animal Control Cruelty Investigation Officers took 28 dogs into custody Thursday night, July 8, 2010. GALT was contacted as greyhounds were included in the seize. At GALT’s request, Greyhounds Unlimited (GU) joined in this effort, as GALT and GU are the only adoption groups in the DFW/north Texas area to help stray and shelter greyhounds. Friday morning, representatives from GALT and GU met with Diane Whiteley, the Executive Director of the Texas Greyhound Association, to assess the dogs. Eight were taken by each group. Wednesday, July 14, GALT took one more female and with that now all 28 dogs are with adoption groups."
Additionally, a 29th dog was recovered later as a stray. He was two years old, and the best thing that I can tell you is that he was let go from a terrible, brief life while cradled in kind and loving arms. Kiowa Braden is at peace now and his suffering is ended.

So will you help the survivors? There's a link under the picture to a fund-raising auction for these dogs, and here are links for more information. I promise that as of this writing none of these links contain graphic images to upset us sensitive types, but the pictures I have seen of the "lesser" cases are heart-wrenching and nauseating.
Life With Dogs: Going Flat Out

GALT (Greyhound Adoption League of Texas)

Greyhounds Unlimited

And once again, the link to the fund-raising auction is here.

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


  1. Excellent post! I hope this auction exceeds all expectations in raising money to help these neglected hounds.

    Chester's Mom

  2. Beautiful post to help the burden of those who don't deserve to carry something that heavy.

  3. Absolutely WONDERFUL Post, Alisha! You've put into words what I myself could never do so well. But at least let me add my encouragement, to all who happen to read this post. . . PLEASE go to the Carpe Canem Fundraising Auction and check it out. You might find something that touches your heart. Bid if you can. And please make it a point to visit the other sites linked here. These poor greyhounds need all the help people like us can provide them.

  4. Drive, you made my day - I just happened across this post and am thrilled you took the time to tell this story. It's much better without those awful pictures anyway. :)

  5. I'm so glad you decided to share this, too! Hopefully they will raise the money they need to care for all the dogs. They have a long road ahead of them!

  6. I am headed to the auction now! Thanks for sharing!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Thank You for posting as I will check out the fundraiser and contribute to help these poor hounds. Let's hope they all make it through and find loving forever homes.