Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Morning

Her dad, all dressed in his work clothes, jingles Lanie's collar. He brandishes her coat. He calls to her and makes silly squeaky noises.

"Lanie! Come on! You MUST need to pee! Time for walkies! Potty? Hello?"


More jingling and waving, but Lanie does not stir. Dad decides he will eat breakfast first and drag the old girl out later.

He opens the fridge.

Lanie appears. She is simply instantly there. And she won't be moving until she gets something out of the fridge, thanks. And weren't you EVER going to walk her? Where is her coat?! Boy, you humans can be slow...


  1. The fridge is far more important than the outside!

  2. Got to have your priorities! Sounds like Veil at our house :) Call her all you want when she's being lazy and she acts like you don't exist but open the fridge or treat container and boom, she's up and at 'em.

  3. LOL. Such a familiar scenario :o)

  4. Well of course the human was slow! Compared to a greyhound everyone is slow! :) Plus, when you are an elderhound, all things must happen on your own time table. I

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha! Of course there are important priorities! Funny how those senior dogs have such finely honed selective hearing, isn't it?

  6. Deaf as a post until you do something worth getting up for huh?! Deccy x

  7. Hee hee! Amazing how these dogs can turn things around on us, huh?

    I have a dog with a cast-iron bladder too, and the other is pretty darned good at holding it - and thank heavens for it. It means that we can sleep in when we want to! ;)