Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Only Dog

"I'll stop smacking you when you get it out of my face."
Lanie is not a fan of the camera. After all, it it not made of food and it does not squeak. All it does it flash in her eyes, eliciting a death glare that only ladies of a certain age can manage.

At age 12 and a half, her pointy little face is white and her eyes have clouded. She used to hunt frogs relentlessly, making walks in the spring and summer a constant challenge as she lunged and snapped at the hopping meat-snacks. This summer, we realized that she simply doesn't see well enough to do that any more.

It's harder to tell if her hearing has faded. I'm disposed to believe she just ignores me more, since if I think too loudly about opening the fridge she will materialize from the ether.

She is a grand, goofy old dame. She is a glorious mixture of bravado and insecurity, terrified of a slammed door but not thunder. Helium balloons are the devil to her, but she will snarl and lunge if we make the mistake of walking her by the neighborhood bull mastiff. I am her humble servant who exists to feed her, but when she is scared she shoves her head against my chest.

Since we lost my Drive, she's been the only dog in the house. Always a velcro girl, I've noticed the length of time she lets me out of her sight has decreased. She's less content lately to be within sight range and now feels the need to be within petting range whenever possible. She has absolutely become needier. I can understand. So have I.

The strangest difference is her sudden, avid interest in going for car rides. I think she just hates that I sometimes leave the house without her. She hates being alone, poor sweetie.

I'll address the issue of "When will she be getting company?" in a different post.

This evening Lanie goes to the vet for bloodwork and an EKG, so that tomorrow she can be safely anesthetized for a dental cleaning. (She won't be spending the night there.) She's in overall excellent health, especially for a senior dog, and her teeth are not the nightmare that some greyhounds' are, though she has broken a canine recently. She was probably checking to see if something was edible by biting it, like a great white shark.

I'm reminding myself of all the reasons I don't need to be worried, and I'm worrying anyway. I'll keep you updated.

And I think I'll take my dog out to lunch. She loves the drive-thru.


  1. I hope everything goes Ok tomorrow. Enjoy the drive-thru!

  2. Best thoughts going out to you and Lanie. I totally understand about having any procedure done on a senior grey, but you are taking all the right steps to insure it will be successful.
    Hugs to you and the "old" lady. Stay close, as you two need each other now more than ever.

  3. I so relate to the worrying even if logic says there is no reason. Logic doesn't really matter in these things. I also relate to having a hound break teeth testing to see if something is edible...Cù doesn't have one whole canine, they were all broke before he came here.

    I hope the tests are good and the procedure is uneventful and that lunch is fun.

  4. Best wishes for Lanie and her dental. I will be thinking of both of you. Hugs!

  5. She's a lovely girl and I'm sure she'll be fine. Deccy x

  6. It's our job to worry! My Tom is almost 12 and I have noticed he doesn't see quite like he used to, especially at night. He also doesn't like the camera. I think he thinks the thunder will be following after the flash!

  7. I can so relate to Lanie's response to the fridge door. It always amazes me how Roxie pretends to be deaf, but just look out if someone jiggles the metal latch on the dog treat jar!!

    I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow. Miss Roxie just spent last Friday at the vet for dental procedures. I know it's nerve-wracking! Hugs to you and Lanie!!

  8. Thinking very good thoughts for the dental. I love my vets and I trust them completely, but I never stop worrying when my pups go in for a procedure.

  9. I hope the dental went well. I can totally understand your worry. Bet Lanie loved going to the drive-thru:)

  10. Oh, I know that feeling! I worry, too, even though I tell everyone else not to. It's completely different when it's your baby in there! We'll be thinking good thoughts for Miss Lanie tomorrow!

  11. I'm so glad Miss Lanie has you to worry about her. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Having your dog go under for anything is never easy to deal with. We will be thinking of both of you.

  12. She sounds like a great girl, full of personality. Taking the dogs to the drive-thru sounds fun.