Thursday, September 30, 2010


He was too cute to walk past without snapping a picture, so I stopped and knelt down. He gave me this intrigued look and started to get up. With a memory card full of close-up snot-shots, I whispered, "No, no, stay down!" He relaxed.

I crept a few feet closer. He watched me, wagged his tail, and started to get up again. Because obviously I was coming to love him. I'm sure he had a day full of ooohs and aaaaahs, being this handsome. "No, baby! Lie down," I begged. So he did.

It took me about ten minutes to get where I wanted and take a few shots. When I put the camera down, I swear to you, he raised an eyebrow at me. (GSDs can do that, ask anyone who knows them.) I said, "It's cool, I'm all set."

And he tackled me.


  1. He is too cute for his own good! Nice job Miss A! But, Drive, he's certainly not cuter than you so it's all good...

  2. My husband would be putty in his paws! What an adorable shot! He's going to be one stunning dog when he grows up. I love this picture!

  3. That's so great that he was so well behaved and waited to tackle you!! How awesome and adorable!!

  4. Hmm, you can just see the wheels turning, I'll lull this nice lady into a false sense of security with my innocent looks and then wham, she won't know what hit her:-)