Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meeting New Old Friends

The internet is a wonderful thing for me. Being socially inept at best, my internet friends are very real and very important to me. Because of greyhounds, I've joined forums and met other greyhound owners. Today I took Drive and we met someone in person after internet-knowing her for years. The bonus: her hound, George, is actually Drive's half brother! Now, their sire Oshkosh Slammer is still producing quality litters in spite of his death. There are over six thousand dogs that can claim him as "Dad."

I still feel like meeting this one special hound and his mom was an honor. Thanks for hosting us, Susan, and that pizza was amazing. Sorry Drive pee-peed a little on your carpet!

Behold, the excitement of a visit between greyhounds.



I think he liked me.

Getting down to business.

Be still my heart! I recognize that gaze.

Hard at it. This is what greyhounds do, folks. They lie around and look good.


  1. This is so wonderful!!!! I'm jealous and happy for you all, all at the same time!

  2. I am in total envy that you got to meet George of New England! Definitely a handsome pair of brothers!

  3. Beautiful Photo's! Just found your Blog and think its great, life with our Greys is a blessing.

  4. Delightful story and wonderful pictures! Just hoppin' by on the dog blog hop. We'll be back.
    Bark Of Love
    Julie, Parker, Bennie and
    The Mistress of Corgi Manor (Julie calls me BigFoot)