Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simple Humor

Good morning, people! We're in the Saturday pet blogging hop again and can't wait to meet a few new friends. I have a long walk planned for this weekend, in a place I hope will provide lots of great picture opportunities. In the meantime, here's a picture I made myself.

This should let you know how easily amused I am.

This is the face Drive makes when the food is gone.

EDIT: I have completely messed up the linky code, I know that. I'll figure it out at some point, but trust me, there should be a list of blogs here.

EDIT 2: Okay then!


  1. Doesn't that mean it's time for another? Cooky that is?

    (BTW, the tool code for the list wasn't on the host blog) You're off the hook.

  2. Greyhounds are the nicest dogs and Drive you look like a special one. Do you need us to send you another cookie. As a matter of fact we are having a biscuit giveaway on our blog today so come visit. You might win a whole box.
    Have a terrific day and tell Mom we couldn't figure out the code thing either for the linky deal.

  3. Adorable! Such sadness and longing for another cookie!

  4. Now your human is supposed to get da idea and gives you another cookie!! Da Humans are so dense sometimes!! heeeheeh


  5. Oh Drive! I'm sad when the cookies are gone, too!

    The linky code was missing, but now it's out there! It wasn't your fault!


  6. Haha! Don't worry buddy-more will appear before you know it!

  7. Doing the blog hop & stopped by to visit. Adorable picture, bet you get a lot of cookies with that look.
    Have a Great Weekend.
    Erin & Mom

  8. The look is almost as if he did something wrong "where did it go?!" Too cute!

    We gave you an award! Stop by our blog to pick it up!