Saturday, March 19, 2011

They're Buddies! Right?!

"Ugh. Is he still there?"

When we adopted Drive almost six years ago, it wasn't our plan to rush out and get him a "friend" or companion pet or start a menagerie. The whole plan was to get a friend for me, and that worked out in spades.

But it was only about seven months after that when someone posted Lanie's picture on a website and I said, out loud and without knowing why, "I need that dog."

I still don't know why. I can tell you what I saw in the picture and how it moved me, but it was a picture of her after she'd been rescued and freshly groomed. It was all in her expression. Something about her. Who knows?

When we brought her home -- oh, there's a story -- I knew there would be an adjustment period. I figured the dogs would take a couple weeks to get to know each other and then they'd settled down and start being My Dogs as a team. Together, working to be cute and keep me smiling.

I hadn't counted on Lanie being more insane than I am by orders of magnitude. I hadn't counted on Drive being more interested in me, his new Mother-Goddess, than in any old mere dog. I could not have foreseen that not one damn thing Lanie did in her first couple of years with us was cute or that she would remain determined not to attach. Yes sir, I recognize abandonment issues when I see them.

Now? Last week I heard Lanie give the almighty "Greyhound Scream of Death" no less than eight times. (Google it, if you're unfamiliar with the term. It's a riot.) And every time I would turn around or streak into the room where she was and find some scene of carnage and injury.

Like this:

So when people see cute pictures of the dogs snuggling and ask about them, I just have to laugh. "How long did it take? Oh, a while." A while, give or take about four years, before they'd share a piece of furniture. ;)

Hello and welcome to any new friends that have found us through the blog hop!


  1. Heehee. They are very cute together, but I hear you. My girls (biological sisters from different litters) don't spend most of their time outside trying to bitey each other just because they are bored. Yes, they get along great, but sibling rivalry? They are like two-year olds who will NEVER grow up! ;-)

    -Dr. Liz (Fiona is disavowing any knowledge of my comment, her sister, or any undesired behavior on her part)

  2. Ha, yes, pictures can be deceptive. I'm so glad they are tolerating each other now, at least like sisters who steal each others clothes (not like I have any experience with that).

  3. Oh, you gotta laugh:) Before I brought Beryl home she was tested with boisterous dogs like Frankie to see if she could cope and she could. Boy, could she!! She is rougher than Frankie when they play and he struggles to enjoy himself when playing with her now, lol. But they are still mates, although I don't think they are as close now as they were in the initial 'honeymoon' period, sounds a bit like a marriage, doesn't it!!

  4. I love seeing them together! You do have to laugh, though. We can make all the plans in our heads about how things will be that we want, but they never turn out how we expect.

    I remember how close Treat and Hawk were to each other, and it's hard to recall that first month of stink eye I got from the princess. She thought Hawk was great in the kennel! Sharing her beds and attention with him was another matter entirely! They were so close later, though, I really thought he'd grieve himself to death after she died. He stayed with us for another year and a half, though!

  5. Too cute! Maggie and Panther have been together for eight months. They don't like to share the same room, unless there is food involved!

  6. That photo is wonderful. I have very few snugglers in my pack. These guys crack me up.

  7. Drive has become my regular SMILE therapy :o) I play Mafia Wars daily but I purposefully search him out to see his latest comment and photo. I have truly fallen in love with him <3

  8. That's so funny! The way you were attracted to her, how crazy she is and the fact that Drive didn't take to her right away. So glad they are closer now, or just it just look that way every once in a while?? :)