Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wellness Wednesday

Well, things are looking good. Drive is a healthy 74 pounds and only screamed twice while we were in the office for his (and Lanie's) annual check-up. He peed copiously all over the lobby, shed enough nervous hair to stuff a pillow, and is up-to-date on his vaccinations. We had a wellness blood screen done as he is going in two weeks to have a thorough dental cleaning; I expect he'll lose a tooth or three. I am looking forward to better breath.

Sadly, we did not stop at any of the magic food windows on our way home. Lanie, my darling little trash disposal, needs to lose about five pounds. Ah, well. Longer walks for all of us!


  1. Rider, Lilly, and JackApril 6, 2011 at 9:09 AM

    Drive, you have a beautiful tongue!

  2. Hahah oh nervous shedding! Barbie nervous sheds hair, but she also sheds skin! It's amazing watching her get stressed and all of a sudden covered in dandruff :P

  3. Whew! Drive, I'm so relieved that you survived the experience! We were a little worried when we saw Facebook yesterday.

    Yeah, we get the same shedding reaction when we take Blueberry and Lilac to the vet. Bunny, on the other hand, thinks they're all there waiting to pet and love on her!

  4. Well done Drive:) Beryl does the nervous shedding and instant dandruff too but not so much now. I can imagine it won't be easy to get the weight off Lanie. I have to watch Beryl's eating, she'd love to look like a Labrador:)