Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dog Life List

Do all dog lovers have them?

I know there are folks who stick with their breed. Greyhounds, pit bulls, wieners, what have you. There are some that stick with a group. For example, I wouldn't mind collecting just about every sight hound there is.

Most of my friends know I love lists and charts, so it might not be a surprise to learn I have an actual list of "Dog Breeds I Want to Rescue." (Without starting a debate, I do not buy dogs, unless paying a rescue fee counts.)

What is on this list? I'm glad I pretended you asked!

Obviously, this is a tiny fraction of the list and it's all in addition to the greyhounds I can't imagine being without. What are your favorite breeds? What do you love about them?

1. Borzoi
I met this guy and learned two things I hadn't known. First, Borzoi are ginormous. They are like springy, prancy little ponies.

Secondly, and this is where I may have squealed at a perfect stranger while patting her dog, they can have soft fuzzy silky baby curls.

I do think I'd need to dress fancier if I were going to walk a Borzoi, though. Like a Russian Czarina or something. 

2. Pit bull
I dream of someday rescuing my own. The first pibble I ever loved was named Geordie, and my stepfather rescued him via the "take him directly from the scumbag who bragged about the fight Geordie'd won that day."

Geordie -- this isn't him, sorry -- was the sweetest, most loving old man I ever met. He sat on laps, he kissed my infant daughter, he played gently with children. He was brilliant. I'll miss my "brother" for the rest of my life.

3. Corgi
Astute readers may notice this is a picture of a cartoon dog. True, but Ein (from the anime "Cowboy Bebop") is the first Corgi I fell in love with. My usual affection is for big dogs, but come on. Look at him widdle face.
Trivia: I told my mom I wanted a Corgi someday. "Ugh, those little things that look like sawed-off Collies?" So that's how I think of them. ;)

4. German Shepherd Dog (or a Malinois or a Tervuren)

I'll be honest, I have some apprehension about these breeds, having owned a mostly-GSD mutt growing up. They're beautiful and strong and smart. I worry about the ramifications of having a dog that will solve problems faster than I do.

I have been vicariously enjoying the adventures of my friends Mr. and Mrs. Taleteller over at Tales and Tails, not only with beautiful GSD Morgan but with their new baby, Kuster. I have also been reminded that puppies are not for everyone and they're way, way braver than I am.

5. The One That Needs Me


  1. I think every dog lover DOES have lists like these - and I've made several over the years. Like you, I prefer to rescue rather than buy a puppy from a breeder, though I make no judgments on those people who do buy from a breeder, so long as they have done enough research to know that they are buying from someone reputable, and not inadvertently supporting the puppy mill industry or the back yard "greeders."

    What I find interesting is that your list looks very similar to mine!

    Great post!

  2. Yeah, I'm a sucker for #5, if s/he happens to be a Greyhound or be or have in a mix almost any other sighthound, GSD, Border Collie or Pittie, all the better, but... I do hope to have another GSD mix or a GSD some day, but while I was focusing on that idea a BC/Spaniel (from the looks) needed me and we can only have so many here. And if I ever get a chance to adopt a Standard Poodle I would. I just would love to let one get to be the retriever they're meant to be and many owners have no idea about. But they all need to be #5 too apparently, so we'll see.

  3. Love your list, but what, no schnauzer, they're super special you know and everyone, everyone should have one, but I am ever so slightly biased I guess :)

  4. Love your list but "the one that needs me" melted my heart! How great to have it on your list!

  5. I've got a list too, and it's always growing. Currently: golden retriever, border collie, kuvasz (not sure I'm really brave enough for one of these, thought), greyhound, and husky, although my current two dogs were The Ones Who Needed Me. That was very well said in your blog!

  6. Oh, Borzoi are on my list, too! I'd need to have one of those tall fur hats and a dashing cape to wear while walking mine, though. I am seriously weak in the knees around them!

    I'm laughing so hard about Morgan and Kuster! We met a GSD friend this weekend who just got a Mal puppy. I told her she's crazy! I love my Shepherds, but that's as much energy as I can take. Ours have a nice off switch, but the Mals seem to be on the go all the time!

  7. Oh Greyhounds every time, but then you see those sweet bull terriers and Great Danes and whippets and standard poodles and the weird Heinz 57... oh hell, we'd have anything! Deccy x