Sunday, May 16, 2010


First Mumma tells me, "Get in the car!" So I did. Here I am telling her where to go. She didn't listen.

We went to a park with trails! Here I am on the trail. Far up ahead you can see the little guy we call "Pink Puppy," and also my daddy. It was shady and cool in the woods. We walked for a long time. I tried to pee on everything but there was so much stuff I ran out!

In the woods, there's a park that is all fenced in for doggies. Not many people know about it, and you have to walk a mile to get there! Here is a brick that Mumma and Daddy donated so doggies would have a place to run. Of course by the time we got there, I didn't feel like running.

Even though I was exhausted, they made me walk back. They carried the Pink Puppy, but not poor me!

A lot more stuff happened to me today, too. I went in some water, I went to the pet food store, and I went to a magic food window, and there was more car riding, too. Mumma says some of those pictures deserve their own posts, but for now we have tired each other out and we'll be napping in the sun.


  1. Dear Drive!
    We don't have a dog park here so Rory and Fiona never get to go in the car for a fun thing like that. I can't wait to see more of Drive's Big Adventure!

  2. What an exciting day you've had! I admire your stamina!


  3. Have you met my pal Shawnee Shep? You should read about the trails she and her mom go hiking on!