Monday, May 17, 2010

Not all bulbs glow brightly.

After our long walk through the woods yesterday, we split up the family. The Daddy took our human children back home to wash up and nap, and I took Drive to the store to grab some kibble. He slept heavily the whole way there (about 20 minutes) and was obviously tired as we roamed the aisles. I saw this shirt:
Obviously, I would have grabbed it, as my beautiful friend has his own FaceBook profile. (He loves FarmVille.) But! Here is where I have a little rant. This shirt is for a chihuahua or something. It's about six inches across. The XL -- when you can find such a thing -- is usually for dogs about 45 pounds. If you are thinking to yourself, "Well, 45 pounds is quite a bit of dog!" then let me inform you that my smallest greyhound, Lanie, is 65 pounds.

Drive is about 80 pounds of gorgeous. Who do I talk to to get a chain of "Big and Tall Dogs" clothing going?

Aaanyway, we did our shopping and a nice young man offered to carry the bag of kibble to the car for me. He waited while I unlocked the trunk, and when I turned to him to say something, there was this weird WHUMP!! and the car shook. I looked frantically around for Drive, thinking for half an instant the car had been hit or something, and I found him. A little confused, but still residing healthy and whole at the end of his leash.

I am ready to go home now, Mumma.

Other than a flustered moment of trying to explain to the dozen people that witnessed Drive's jump that I do NOT make my dog ride in the trunk of our little Toyota, no one was harmed. Unless the pet store employee herniated himself laughing.


  1. What a goober. LOL

  2. that is awesome!! I'll run the west coast franchise of that big and tall doggy store - my baby is 90 lbs!!

  3. We've had the same rant about cute dog stuff and the sizes! Do they not think that people with dogs bigger than a purse want to make them look cute, too?

    Only Drive would end up in the trunk!

  4. I agree, just because we aren't tea cup dogs doesn't mean we don't enjoy an occasional dress up opportunity other than On second thought, maybe mom would go nutsy on me and I'd be dressed in not so flattering outfits. Drive - my friend BabyPatches ( had some shirts that fit me. I'm not quite 80 pounds but I think the 3x would fit you.