Monday, May 24, 2010

An Award for Us!

Of course there are rules!

First, we thank the lovely ladies at Tales and Tails and Yoda at Barking Out Loud for this award. Thank you! I sincerely love the idea that my dogs and I might give someone a smile when they need it.

Secondly, we tell seven things about ourselves and then list seven others to receive the award. Since everything everywhere is all about Drive, he can be the topic of these little factoids.

  1. Before retiring, Drive ran over a hundred races. He was Grade A when he suffered a career-ending injury. The report says "Rupture / Sprain, right front leg." Five months later he was on my couch.
  2. It took Drive over a year to learn how to go up more than two stairs. To this day, he will actually close his eyes and run up at full speed to get it over with. Coming down is a little trickier...
  3. If you see Drive looking directly at the camera in any picture, it is either because he is being bribed with food or there is something fascinating right behind me. He hates looking at the camera.
  4. Before Drive, I had the sort of dogs where you could just leave kibble out and they'd eat if they were hungry. Drive is never not hungry. We have to watch his weight carefully.
  5. Drive's human dad has a scar on his eyebrow where sweet, gentle Drive bit him. That was how we found out that Drive does not tolerate prednisone and, in fact, gets nasty 'roid rage. That was four years ago and we've never seen so much as a sneer from him since then.
  6. Submissive? Even though he was the first dog in the house and he's obviously Mumma's favorite, Drive is actually the omega of our little pack. If it weren't for that "Mumma's Boy" status, he'd be the subject of a lot more snarking.
  7. Drive actually knows several tricks. He can sit, lie down, shake, speak, and "show me your belly!" (Rolling all the way over proved a bit much.) He will only do these reliably in our living room.
Now lastly, we "tag" seven other bloggers. Because of the blog hops we've been participating in, we know lots of new friends. I'll just name seven of my new favorites and I hope you'll take a minute to check them out. In no particular order:


  1. Aww, Drive, you deserve it! We had no idea he suffered from 'roid rage, though! Yikes!


  2. Thank you for the lovely compliment on my photos. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading your blog and checking out the photos. I was amazed at the photo of Drive in the trunk of your car and, in particular, how you managed to get it on film (or disk, as it were). I’m looking forward to reading more of the older posts (and new ones!). Suzanne of

  3. Thanks for sharing about Drive. My favorite trick is "High Five." I won't do any trick or command without a treat. I have my price.