Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sprinkles in the Forecast

I don't usually clutter up this blog with pictures of the pink hairless types, but so many people have enjoyed this photo I wanted to share it with you. I would love to take more credit, but this is an unaltered snapshot of my 27-month-old son (sometimes referred to here as "The Pink Puppy") and Lanie. I did not place the watering can. I did nothing to provoke that expression on the baby's face -- in fact, that's not his eyebrow, that's a piece of grass stuck to his head. I did nothing but sit in my chair in the shade at the other end of the leash.

I just usually have a camera in my pocket.


  1. You forgot to talk about Lanie's great expression which almost says, "What du yu think he's up tu?"

  2. That picture is priceless! I'm betting Lanie is thinking, "I hope he doesn't pee in the pool!"