Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Texlan Sensation, age 11

Let's take a moment for my beautiful brindle girl, my Lanie.

She is delightfully messed up in the head, but you can't see that in these pictures.

About a mile of snoot to kiss.

Sincere in her desire for cookies.

And finally confident in her belief that she's home forever this time.


  1. I have to admit, that I don't believe I've ever seen a snoot that long! She's so sweet and it makes me laugh loud when Drive calls her Stupid Lanie. Not unlike Rory calling her Vera Bossy Fiona. I love coming her. Love it.

  2. Such a sweet face <3 The more I see of these "houndies" the more I want one in our family <3

  3. Gorgeous! And that IS a long snout!

  4. She has an overbite like a British land-owning aristocrat, and she is the most adorable-est.

  5. She sounds so much like Lilac that it's scary! If we just painted her another color, you couldn't tell the difference!

  6. I love the one ear up, one down picture. She is a beauty!