Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coffee on a fall morning, plus a blog hop!

Time for another Saturday Pet Blogging Hop! It's a gorgeous New England fall day, and I think we're going to go outside in a while and appreciate a few rare moments of sunshine. For those of you less blessed with foliage, I will attempt to take pictures. Maybe I should take pictures of the giant piles of "blessing" I've been raking every day for a week now. Like snow, all the leaves are pretty -- until you have to deal with them!

The little girl trying to steal my coffee here is Kara-mel. She belongs to a wonderful friend of mine, and I love her. That's probably why I kept laughing and taking pictures instead of saving the coffee.


  1. Aww and I love Drive and Drive's Mommy too!!

  2. Kara-mel is very pretty. Thanks for joining Pet Blogs United!

    Nubin wiggles,

  3. Kara-Mel is always lovely! I'd share coffee with her, too!

  4. A coffee loving hound . . . who knew? Happy weekend to you! BTW - I'm glad you enjoyed our pumpkin patch movie. :)

  5. photos of foliage, please. eucalyptus are evergreens. i miss the northern hemisphere fall photos. they don't use fall, either. nothing really falls seasonally, so it's just autumn.

    kara-mel might have a business meeting she needs to be alert for.