Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good job, old man.

I want to take just a minute to thank everyone who had kind things to say as I fretted my way up to Bullie's annual vet appointment. It went very well.

He's lost a little weight in the year, but he settled in the back of the van happily with his human Dad there to hold him or catch him as necessary. Being fragile and unbalanced means lots of hugs!

On the way home we stopped at the "magic food window" and Bullie was thrilled with his life. As soon as we administered a cheeseburger, he forgot about his vaccinations immediately.

There's plenty of sparkle in his eyes still.


  1. Sometimes a cheeseburger can cure all that ills. Hugs and scritches to Bullie!!

  2. Awww! Bullie makes my heart smile!

  3. Way to go Bullie! I bet Frankie thinks I'm a terrible Mum because he didn't get anything but a big hug after his trip to the vet yesterday for vaccinations (2 needles), a spray up the nose for kennel cough and having his anal glands cleaned out, ewww! I don't think I could find enough money for a cheeseburger after that lot though, lol!

  4. There is that handsome guy!! Hi Bullie!! Wish we could have met you today with Drive - maybe when we come down to visit :)