Sunday, July 3, 2011


I haven't the mental wherewithal for a long post about what this day means, but today is Drive's 11th birthday. He and Lanie have been busy this week keeping me sane. But I want you to know we celebrated this momentous occasion with a ride in the car and a cheeseburger, his two most favorite things in the world. To further enhance his joy and wonder at the day, we've been randomly feeding them treats with no "Sit!" or "Roll Over!" attached.

And the children are out for the night with their grandparents. How much better could a dog's life get?

I'll tell you! The fireworks were postponed due to cloud cover! Score!

Lanie always wants to go on car rides, but the truth is that she spends most of the time terrified. Today I am pleased to report she did fairly well and kept her head out the window the entire time.

By the way, even the 4-door Toyota Yaris is too small for two dogs. FYI.

Eleven. More than half his life with me, now.


  1. Happy Birthday Drive!
    And if you think a 4-door Yaris is too small for two dogs, try fitting three sheep in a 2-door Ford hatchback sometime. I dare you.

  2. Happy Birthday Drive! It sounds like you had a great day

  3. Rider, Lilly, Jack, and LisaJuly 4, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    We love our Honda Element - mom took the back seats out and all 4 of us fit in! And we even have a bumper sticker that says "This vehicle owned by retired greyhounds"!!!!

  4. congrats on your eleventh bday Drive!

  5. They look happy to me. I'm sure his birthday rocked!!