Thursday, July 21, 2011

Problem Child

"I could be off hunting whatever tiny things live in those woods."

For every beauty shot I have of Drive, I have a few failures. He doesn't like to look at the camera. Lanie doesn't either, and she adds a level of difficulty: some angles make her look deranged. Her ears, her squinty eyes, her overbite, her "get offa my lawn" old-lady attitude... I try not to get offended when people (not greyhound people, of course) smile and ask so kindly, "Oh, what's wrong with your poor dog?"

Eyes: almost the same size!
Her habit of squinting whenever she's outdoors is so pronounced that every so often I look it up under "canine symptoms" to see if she's got a problem or if she's just narcoleptic. Even in the shade, she looks like a vampire with a hangover if she's deemed it "too bright."

(And while I thank you in advance for the advice that will surely come, she's not the sort of dog that tolerates things wearing things very well so we won't be buying Doggles anytime soon. Or a hat, which is too bad because I think she'd totally rock a little bonnet or fascinator. Something in teal or fuchsia. She does enjoy PJs in the winter.)

Might be my new favorite picture EVER. Look at that.

Proof that she can be pretty, too!

You'll have to take my word for it. When she's curled up on my bed looking at me with deep, soulful brown eyes and a quivering chin, she's the most beautiful little girl there is. It's sometimes hard to get that captured in an image, though.


  1. Rider, Lilly, Jack, and LisaJuly 21, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    Lanie - we think you're beau-rooooooo-tiful!

  2. I always say that the most beautiful dog is the one on your own couch, and I really believe that! I've seen dogs that were just amazingly beautiful despite horrid scars and birth defects, but were transformed into beautiful creatures because somebody had love for them. I AM giggling at the favorite picture of yours, though, and thinking that Lanie is lucky that you captioned the pictures and not Drive!

  3. I don't think it matters what they look like as long as they're happy. And Lanie sure looks happy to me:)

  4. I'm not sure about the bonnet, but she could totally rock a fascinator!! Although the bonnet would probably be better for sun shade. Sigh. Roxie does a lot of outdoors squinting too. So much for their modeling careers, huh?