Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Look at the Camera!

Seizing a moment of warmth and sunshine, I dragged an allergy-ridden and grumpy Drive off his couch and onto the front lawn for some snapshots. He was... uncooperative.

Not. Interested.

Hang on, I've got this itch...

Seriously, Mum, my allergies are killing me!

What are you doing? Is that cheese?

I guess I can smile for some cheese.

Now give it to me.

Happy Saturday! I hope to take Lanie out later for some special "Mommy Time" and a belated birthday treat or two. If it's a holiday weekend where you are, stay safe and have fun. If not, stay safe and have fun anyway.  And again this weekend, join us on the Pet Blogger Hop!


  1. I don't know about being uncooperative. From the looks of those pics he cooperated great. I love being able to be "a part" of Drives life in this way. Thanks for sharing him with us Alisha. He so often brings that bright spot to my day. :o)

  2. The main thing dogs are good for is pictures of their butts, half of their head (other half out of the frame) and just their legs.

  3. Drive, you are so handsome, even when you're not looking straight at the camera! I love your smile and everything else about your handsome self!