Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old Dog, New Trick

We're alive! Barely. You should see the storms of pollen outside, following a week straight of rain. I'm just going to cut myself some slack about the whole didn't-post-for-two-weeks thing.

You know, since we got back from Greyhounds in Gettysburg, Drive has changed. He's been my best friend for six years now and I think this is the first time I can honestly say that an event has changed him. Before this, if I suggested we go somewhere he would graciously allow himself to be shut in the car and wait patiently until we arrived. (He does recognize McDonald's, though. That gets a reaction from him.)

Now? When it looks like I might be putting on clothes suitable for the outside world -- and I still don't know when he learned to differentiate, but he can, I swear -- he starts wagging his tail. Should I venture into the bathroom and brush my teeth or put on makeup, he starts grinning and the wagging gets more enthusiastic.

At this point, if I go anywhere near my shoes or keys I will be attacked.

He wasn't like that before.

Even if I'm just taking them outside for a quick walk, Drive stares at whatever vehicle is in the driveway and whines piteously. Take me somewhere, he cries. Anywhere. Just let me in the caaaaaar!

The obvious and easy solution has been to take him along on more errands. It's working for both of us, I think.

We're joining in the Pet Blogger Hop again this week. Welcome!


  1. Sounds par for the course here. Grabbing keys and putting shoes on elicits lots of bouncing, unless I have my work clothes on- then it causes lots of pouting.

  2. They are sooo smart, aren't they?
    My cats have figured out my routine too.

  3. Awesome!! He must have had a seriously good time at GIG. It was so cool to meet him, and to see you again. I love hanging out with fellow FOBS! Drive struck me as a spunky guy, and I like that. How about giving him a great big hug from me, would ya?

  4. Well, heaven knows he was the hit of GIG with all those girls surrounding him! I can't imagine why he'd be eager to go out again. lol I know that we definitely loved seeing Drive!

  5. How wonderful for Drive to have found a new interest and still be able to surprise you:) He must have had the best time at GIG! I really enjoy having dogs who like coming in the car with me. They never know when we might be going somewhere new and they love exploring new places. They also know when we're going to the river or even better, the beach!!

    Well done Drive!

  6. "Storms of pollen" Boy does that sound familiar. We had it several weeks ago here. Makes this girl miserable with allergies. I'm glad to see an update. Sounds like Drive had a blast on his trip to Gettysburg. He's looking for some new action now :o) ((hugs)) to you both <3 and Happy Spring. Looks as though all that "looking hansum" finally worked ;o)

  7. Hello there, we've come from the Pet Blog Hop :) It sounds like he had such a good time at the event that he's eager to get going, and has figured out your signals! My girls go crazy if I go into the hallway and put my shoes on, and run around chasing each other as I get ready. Dogs are so silly.

  8. Heehee. Mom takes us on all her errands; we like riding in the car, and Dad, ah, misses us more when we're gone for a little while. Or something like that! We also go crazy every time Mom puts her computer away - it means she's going to do something fun with us! (Doesn't it?) Heehee.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus