Friday, December 4, 2009

Dog Racing

As the caretaker of three greyhounds, all of whom came to us through the racing industry, I am going to say something here about greyhound racing and then I'm going to drop it forever, because that is not what this blog is about. I've just gotten a couple of questions about it lately.

I think animals have rights. I think that human beings have an obligation to be kind and humane stewards of the animal kingdom, most especially to dogs. We made them, formed them to our needs and wants.

So my stand on greyhound racing is this: It's just not that simple.

I know some trainers and breeders and owners are complete... well, I did plan to control my potty-mouth on Drive's blog. But like any given group, there are good and bad people all throughout the industry.

I have communicated, at times in depth, with greyhound breeders and trainers that love these animals like children. They raise them with care, they train them humanely, they place them in loving homes when careers are finished. They breed selectively with the the dam's health and welfare in mind.

There are breeders and trainers that are nothing like that.

Whether or not a racing dog is abused or mistreated has nothing to do with "the industry" and everything to do with the people in it.

The only point here I will argue passionately is that greyhounds do love to run. (For about two minutes, and then they start looking for kibble and a bed.)

And now I'm never going to talk about racing again on this blog. Back to the cute pictures!


  1. It's a tough topic. I always reserve my opinion because the discussions about racing tend to end in the typical lose-lose internet argument void.

    It's great to see you blogging again!

  2. Thanks, Nigel. I do agree it's one of those polarizing things that people get so worked up about reason gets murdered by rhetoric. I wouldn't have mentioned it at all except, as I said, someone asked. I really just want to blog here about how much time Drive spends on the couch. (Answer: all of it.)

  3. LOL! You'll never get any argument about that from any Greyhound lover!