Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Post from Drive

It is me, Drive!

Mumma has allowed that once a week I can write a post of my own as long as she is allowed to correct my spelling. I am not sure what she is trying to say.

So once a week I am going to tell you why you should get a greyhound! Probably she will give me a regular day, once she figures out herself.

Now, we have kids in this house. There are two. One is tallish and loud, and the other is smallish and also loud. One goes away all day to a place called "school"but the little one stays here all day and bothers us. These kids are a lot of work for Mumma, and a greyhound is a ginormous help. Trust me. I can tell you later how I help with the little one who always smells like he is marking himself, but let me tell you how I help the tall one that smells like angst:

That's right!

I am so wicked smart I help with homework. Here I am giving her some answers. This is just one amazing service a greyhound can provide. Now this tallish kid knows her multiplying. I have told her that me times food equals happy me and I think she wrote it down.

1 comment:

  1. Drive,

    I go to the school where my mom works sometimes and I'm learning to be a READ dog one of these days. I think if you stick with your job as a homework tutor, your mom won't have to correct your spelling soon! You gave a wonderful reason, I thought!