Thursday, December 10, 2009

Like Royalty

I think every "pure" breed of dog has some associated weakness or disease. Greyhounds have a few that I can think of. Since I am not in the mood to grieve the prospect of osteosarcoma, I will instead talk about another fate that may befall a greyhound near you:


That's right. Escaped Tongue Syndrome. This is what happens, people, when you breed your dogs to have long pointy snoots and long flappy tongues. Since this particular breed is often found in a reclined position, it's only a matter of time before a yawn happens, gravity acts, and, well...


  1. Oh yeah. And they hate it when their tongues get stuck to the fabric, leaving them with the dreaded "cordoroy tongue"!

  2. At least Drive's is in the beginning stages! You may still be able to find a cure.

  3. ROFL! The fun part is re-hydration...